The EMHRN is a strategic partner of the Foundation and hosts the EMHRF Secretariat at its Copenhagen office. It is a network of more than 80 human rights organisations, institutions and individuals based in about 30 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Created in 1997 in response to the Barcelona Declaration and the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the Network adheres to universal human rights principles strongly believe in the value of cooperation and dialogue across and within borders.

The EMHRN promotes networking, cooperation and development of partnerships between human rights NGOs, activists and wider civil society in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The EMHRN acts as a regional forum for human rights NGOs and a pool of expertise on promotion and protection of human rights in the region.


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Differences and complementarities between the Foundation and the Network:

The EMHRF and the EMNRN have different mandates but their actions complement each other:




Political support

Financial support

- While the EMHRN works to promote policy development in the field of human rights in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, the EMHRF aims at providing tangible support to local groups and defenders who promote themselves respect for human rights in their countries, according to regional and international human rights standards.

- While the EMHRN provides capacity building support to its members through publishing thematic researches and providing trainings on issues such as the ENP, gender mainstreaming, human rights education, etc., the EMHRF provides financial support in order to reinforce the human and operational capacities of local human rights groups to implement their human rights activities on a more professional basis in the field.

-  While the EMHRN publicizes urgent alerts in cases of deterioration of human rights conditions and when its members are in danger, the EMHRF supports financially all possible human rights groups and defenders at risk, when financial support is needed.

Geographical area of intervention

EU member countries & Mediterranean partner countries of the EU (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Israel and Turkey)

10 South and East Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Israel)

Target groups

All its members in the EuroMed region

All human rights activists and NGOs in the South and East Mediterranean

Structure & Functioning

Decision-making body: General Assembly, composed of the EMHRN's ordinary members (membership-based)

Decision-making body: Board, composed of 9 nominated individuals widely recognized for their expertise and experience in the field of human rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Communication & information sharing

EMHRN aims at publicizing its researches and its actions in the promotion and protection of human rights in the EuroMed region.

EMHRF aims at keeping all its interventions confidential due to the possible risks faced by its partners in the South and East Mediterranean countries.

- The EMHRF has direct access to the members of the EMHRN and is therefore in a position to take advantage of a unique, highly qualified source of knowledge and quickly obtain the detailed and reliable information it needs to pursue its work, thus improving the quality and targeting of its interventions.

- The EMHRF may have access to specific and detailed information pertaining to the situation of human rights defenders, the functioning, mandate and operations of local human rights organizations outside the membership of the EMHRN.

- As a principle, both the EMHRN and the EMHRF share information pertaining to their respective activities in order to further implement strategies aimed at promoting and protecting human rights in the South-Mediterranean region. This sharing of information is also facilitated due to the fact that the headquarters of both organizations are located in the same premises.


The EMHRF Secretariat is hosted by the EMHRN in its Copenhagen and Tunis offices.