Code of Conduct

In contributing to democratisation and to the respect of human rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region, the Foundation is managed according to governing principles based on good governance, i.e. independence, impartiality, accountability, and representativeness.

The Foundation aims at:

  1. Being independent of interference from any governments, organisations or individuals that would compromise its decisions.
  2. Being impartial by abiding the standards of non-discrimination as set out in the instruments listed below and by appointing members to the Board that are of impeccable moral standing.
  3. Ensuring comprehensive reporting of its activities to donors, beneficiaries and to the public at large.


The Foundation refers explicitly to a number of instruments and documents that serve both as legal and ethical guidelines for the Foundation and its beneficiaries. These instruments and documents are the followings:

  • UN legal instruments pertaining to human rights, including: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the international covenants on civil and political rights and on economic, social and cultural rights; the conventions providing for monitoring mechanisms (torture, racial discrimination, discrimination against women, the rights of the child, rights of migrant workers and their families); and the conventions and standards of the International Labour Organization;
  • Special procedures and non-treaty mechanisms of the United Nations;
  • The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders;
  • The UN resolution establishing the mandate of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on human rights defenders;
  • The EU guidelines on human rights defenders;
  • The association agreements between the EU and the countries of the Mediterranean region, as well as the provisions of national action plans under the European Neighbourhood Policy.

The Foundation also includes a ‘non-violence clause’ that excludes any person or association from Foundation financing that uses violence to advance political aims.