The EMHRF defined two categories of intervention, an emergency and a standard intervention, in order to effectively support projects or individuals in the region according to their needs.

Please note that only individuals and organisations responding to the eligibility criteria established by the Board can be granted by the Foundation.

On receipt of the grant application, the decision to present the application to the Board is taken by the Secretariat following an assessment of the proposal, the requesting organisation or individual, the human rights issue involved and the optimal intervention that can be provided in that context.


Emergency, tangible and short-term support is provided to human rights defenders facing difficulties or at risk as a result of their activities in the region.

Examples of emergency interventions:

  • The EMHRF supports defenders and their families who undergo psychological harassment and malicious legal proceedings, due to their human rights work, in order to allow them to overcome their plight and to pursue their activities.
  • The EMHRF supports defenders whose life is in danger enabling them to undergo intense medical examinations abroad, to obtain medical and appropriate pharmaceutical treatments, and attend programmes of rehabilitation and reintegration.
  • The EMHRF supports defenders targeted by the authorities due to their human rights work in order to enable them to reorganize their strategy of action and their activities at a strategic timing.
  • The EMHRF supports human rights defenders initiatives the timing of which is crucial in order to reinforce the visibility or ensure the pursuit of their work.


Strategic support is provided to small human rights organizations, groups and defenders by reinforcing their operations and human capacities in order to enable them to create structures or implement innovative activities effectively in the region.

In particular, the EMHRF supports defenders wishing to carry out and develop projects dealing with priority thematic areas within the regional context and targeting groups that could be seen as being especially vulnerable or requiring special assistance.

In the context of the standard support provided by the Foundation, special attention is paid to innovative thematic areas that have priority importance for the region, such as:

  • Economic, social and cultural rights
  • Empowerment of women
  • Empowerment of young people
  • Protection of minorities and refugees
  • Fight against impunity
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration, etc.

The proposed initiatives must be aimed at allowing human rights defenders to increase the visibility of their action and consolidate their prospects for pursuing their activities in promoting and protecting human rights.

As examples, the EMHRF provides support to:

  • The employment and training of staff in order to strengthen the action and capacities of these organizations to raise funds from other donors.
  • The payment of the rent and necessary material in order to heighten their visibility and strengthen their action.