Mission & Objectives

The EMHRF aims at providing strategic financial assistance to regional, national and local human rights NGOs and institutes as well as individuals who promote, support, protect and monitor the observance of human rights in the South-Mediterranean region.

Grants are allocated to human rights defenders in difficulty or at risk, for the specific purpose of allowing them to pursue their activities, as well as to small human rights organisations or groups with the aim of strengthening their capacities in implementing innovative activities in the region.

In particular, funds are primarily allocated to individuals or organisations who:

  • Have not yet gained mainstream donor recognition
  • Do not have the capacity to maintain relations with these
  • Work with issues that may be perceived too sensitive to receive main donors' support
  • Work in countries where explicit support by foreign donors may endanger these vis-à-vis their own authorities
  • Fall outside mainstream donor categories, such as South human rights organisations in Diaspora working in support of human rights promotion and protection in their home country.

When assessing a request, the Foundation takes into account potential financial support that could be obtained from other organizations or institutions involved at the national, regional or international level.

In such cases, the Foundation endeavours to refer the applicant to such potential funding partners in order to avoid any duplication.

A key aim for the action of the EMHRF is to ensure sustainability and a long-term perspective for the activities of its grantees. This aim is closely related to creating and sustaining reliable national, regional and international partnerships. The Foundation therefore identifies possible synergies with key actors/partners, resource persons and possible donors for continued engagement whenever possible.